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Program Audit

Program Audit

Tender Program Audit
We review the submitted tender programs on behalf of the principal and provide a report outlining:
1- The degree to which the potential contractors demonstrated planning capabilities,
2- The degree to which the potential contractors understood the scope of the contract,
3- The level of risk associated with each submitted tender program.
Contract Program Audit
We conduct an audit on the contract program and review the below aspects of the program to ensure they are in line with contract requirements.
1. Project milestones and contractual dates,
2. Technical compliance with the Contract,
3. Clarity and inclusivity of Scope of Works outlined in the contract program,
4. Logical dependencies between tasks,
5. Contractual and preferential constraints
6. Critical Path analysis,
7. Offsite procurement and Commissioning Requirements, and
8. Basis of schedule report, if applicable.
It is proven that a fully audited contract program can decrease the risk associated with the construction works by a significant margin.
The primary value of our report lies with the solutions to mitigate such risks even further and provide our clients with an invaluable service.

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