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Project Programming

Project Programming

Design Phase Planning
Industry best practices recommend developing the project program during the early stages of project and progressively elaborate the program throughout project life cycle.
Our design phase planning services include:
1. Capture the scope of works,
2. Provide the project program with emphasis on design phase while providing high level input for the following stages,
3. Provide basis of schedule, to step through program logic, and
4. Progressively update the program and add details or input progress.
Tender Planning
Developing tender program can entail into:
1- Increase the probability of being selected,
2- Identify the scope of works and potential risks in advance, and
3- Facilitating a more competitive tender quotation.
We provide our clients with tender program in Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 and our services include:
1- Prepare the Tender program,
2- Step through the program logic with the project team, and
3- Prepare a narrative stepping through construction process.
Detailed Contract Programming
Developing a detailed contract program is usually one of the contract requirements and detailed contract program can:
1- Provide a start to finish run through of the project works,
2- Accurately identify the effect of changes on the project timeline,
3- Identify areas that can be expedited, and
4- Take corrective actions in the event of delays.
We provide our clients with a detailed construction program in Microsoft Project or Primavera P6:
1- Prepare detailed contract program,
2- Prepare construction methodology,
3- Step through the program with the project team,
4- Capture the preferred adjustments and update the program and construction methodology.
We can provide resource loading reports which can assist predicting the required resources and improve planning. We can tailor the level of details required to provide the right resource report.